Are you a girl?
If yes then speak up!
Voice out and be louder,
Grow bigger and bolder.
As you deserve the peace and happiness
That the world has to offer.
Enough with the wrong mentality and start to get the right opportunity.
To grow because you are able and for that be unstoppable.
Know that you’re worthy! (and a necessary) – I would suggest to remove this part 😊 to emphasize more on the Worthy
Be vulnerable and delicate as you are but don’t let yourself be a victim of abuse and oppression because weakness is a human nature.
People would always seek for dominance
but don’t let that stop you from becoming prominent.
Girls suffered enough chaos.
Girls are kind enough to handle vicious people.
Girls are crying for equality
They don’t seek superiority.
All they want is to be treated fairly, to feel and experience the same thing that was given to the opposite gender.
And the girl child that was born every second should be provided with the right environment.
They must live in a place where there’s no discrimination in gender.
As they are deserving to fly towards a bright future.

Article by: Flordeliza Galicia

Layout by: Aira Arboleda Ferrer