Entrance Scholarships (For New Students) – are extended to valedictorians and salutatorians of all secondary schools recognized by the Department of Education. An academic Scholarship intended for new students is a scholarship grant given to incoming freshmen.

An examination is being given to high school graduates whose grades in all subjects during the 4th grading period of their last year in high school are not lower than 85%. However, consideration is being given to students who have a single grade lower than 85% in a particular subject while the remaining subjects fully compensate for the deficit. In such cases, the Accounting Office verbally informs the applicant that he/she will be allowed to take the scholarship exam, provided that his/her raw score shall not be lower than 84 points.

If he/she scores 84 points below, the minimum discount will automatically be given to any student who took the initiative to take the examination. This scholarship grant is good for 1 semester only.


  • Valedictorian –   100% tuition fee discount
  • Salutatorian –   50% tuition fee discount
  • First Honorable Mention –   25% tuition fee discount
  • Second Honorable Mention –   20% tuition fee discount
  • Third Honorable Mention –   15% tuition fee discount
  • Fourth Honorable Mention –   10% tuition fee discount
  • Fifth Honorable Mention –   10% tuition fee discount


Academics Scholarship / Deans Lister (For Old Students)

Under Article 15 & 16 of 2000 Revised Expanded Edition of the Education Law and the
Private Schools and by virtue of Students Manual Revised Edition SY 2010-2011; the
following guidelines in conferment by the Office of the President, Academic Affairs Office
of Student Affairs and Registrar’s Office shall be implemented to date June 11, 2012.

  • Applicant must be a bonafide, regular student taking regular load prescribed in the
  • Any applicant whether graduating or not, maybe a candidate for honors. They must not have grades lower than 1.75 or its numerical equivalent of 90 in all academic subjects in any term and in any year level.
  • Applicant must have grades not lower than 2.25 or its equivalent numeric of 84 in
    PE & NSTP. Note: PE & NSTP grades obtained shall not be included in the computation of General Weighted Average (GWA)
  • Applicants for honors at any level must have done the entire work of the grade/year level in this institution. Thus, students who transfer during the school be eligible for honors.
  • To qualify for the tuition fee discount scheme program set by this institution set by this institution the following standards must be complied with.

GWA Earned Discount Scheme Total No. of Units Enrolled

    • GWA of 1.50 (93-95) 25% Note: Regular load prescribed
    • GWA of 1.25 (96-98) 50% in the curriculum
    • GWA of 1.00 (99-100) 100%

Note: In case the number of units enrolled is below 23 units, please be vigilant of the requirement mentioned in the letter A requirement guideline. Other fees such as miscellaneous and laboratory fees are not included in this program.

  • Filing of application to the Office of the Registrar upon evaluation of the Academics,
    Registrar’s Office and approval of the President.
  • G. Decision of the ACADEMIC Tribunal (OSA, OAA, OP) is final upon the authenticity of grades from the Registrar’s Office.

Sports and Cultural

  • Alta Dance Troup
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Pep Squad
  • Sangtining Chorale

LOA Student Publication

  • Lycean Times

Administrative Scholarship

  • ROTC Scholarship
  • Corps of Sponsors
  • Student Assistant Scholarship Program